Research Applications

For all research you will be required to complete and submit a full application to the HREC.
This must be submitted on a National Ethics Application Form (NEAF) which can be found at
An original copy of this application must be forwarded to the HREC Secretary at least 4 weeks before the committee meeting at which you wish it to be considered. The Secretary will then submit the application to the Executive for governance approval before it is submitted to the HREC.

Applications and correspondence should be sent to:
The Secretary
Human Research Ethics Committee
West Gippsland Healthcare Group
Landsborough Street
Warragul 3820

Annual Reporting

The HREC is required to monitor all approved research in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007). Part of the monitoring process includes the review of progress reports. Researchers are required to submit a progress report to the HREC each year on the anniversary of approval. Ethics approval is ongoing but will lapse if the progress report is not received by the anniversary of the approval date or is not deemed satisfactory by the HREC. Researchers will be informed about subsequent action.

Amendments / Modifications / Adverse Events

If protocol amendments are required to research projects, the HREC must be notified in writing with the reasons for the changes. Any adverse events must be communicated to the HREC.

Final Report

Reports are due on completion of the project or if the research is discontinued before the expected date of completion.

Low Risk Research

In accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (NHMRC 2007), all minimal or low risk research will be reviewed. We may approve this research without requiring a meeting and approval will be ratified at the HREC meeting.
Low risk applications can include:

  - Questionnaire studies that do not involve:
       - personally intrusive questions
       - a major time commitment from staff and/or patients
       - plans to publish information that could potentially identify specific individuals.
  - Most student projects involving data collection (by questionnaires or from records) from small numbers of patients
  - Some quality assurance projects - particularly those involving minor privacy concerns.

Clinical research projects involving patient record review

The HREC does not review Quality Assurance proposals.
If you are unsure whether your project is QA or research, please refer to Ethics Checklist