The West Gippsland Healthcare Group (WGHG) recently reviewed its procurement governance framework in June 2016 following Health Purchasing Victoria’s (HPV) and the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) state wide procurement reforms in 2014. 

WGHG’s procurement policy provides for greater transparency of WGHG actions and aims to ensure equity, integrity and honesty in WGHG's procurement activities whilst demonstrating value for money.

Procurement Activity Plan

The plan is a high level summary of anticipated procurement activity for the next 12–18 months designed to inform the market. 

Current Procurement Activity Plan

Current Procurement Opportunities

  • Mobile Coffee Service - Invitation issued 8th November 2016. Expressions of Interest due 25th November 2016. For full details contact Contracts Manager on 03 56230763 or email

  • Urology Service - Invitation issued 12th Jan 2017. Expressions of Interest due 9th Feb 2017. For full details register at



Complaints Process

West Gippsland Healthcare Group endeavours to minimise and avoid supplier complaints through application of its procurement policy and process, however complaints may still arise.  Therefore WGHG has implemented a specific complaints management process for procurement. A procurement complaint is an issue or concern of a supplier in relation to the process or probity applied by West Gippsland Healthcare Group when carrying out a procurement activity.  Complaints can be submitted in writing or via email to:


Chief Procurement Officer


41 Landsborough Street



Information required is as follows:  

  • contact details for the supplier
  • details of the alleged breach of process or probity applied by WGHG when carrying out a procurement activity
  • the consequences of such breach on the supplier
  • any supporting documents that the supplier wishes to rely upon
  • the desired outcome(s) of the supplier

Further supporting information or documents may be requested by WGHG from the supplier in relation to a complaint. It is expected the supplier complies with any such request within the specified timeframe.

WGHG will use reasonable endeavours to resolve the complaint by direct discussion or negotiation within 14 days of the supplier making the complaint. The relevant parties may agree to use an external mediator to resolve the complaint during this time.

If the complaint is still unresolved following the steps taken, the complaint may be referred to a member of the WGHG executive team or a board member to conduct a further investigation (i.e. a member of staff not involved in the subject matter of the procurement complaint).

The outcomes that may result following further investigation include: 

  • variation of a decision concerning a procurement activity
  • explanation of what has occurred in relation to the subject matter of the complaint
  • an apology
  • an action which addresses the complaint
  • WGHG policies and procedures review to improve future procurement practice
  • termination of the relevant procurement activity and/or recommencement of the relevant procurement activity
  • no further action
  • a combination of more than one of the above outcomes

Investigation of procurement complaints that relate to a confined or uncomplicated matter will be completed within 30 days. Investigation of more complicated matters may require extended time for completion. In this event, WGHG will advise the supplier of the extended timeline and provide regular updates regarding the progress of the investigation. When the Chief Procurement Officer has completed the investigation, WGHG will write to the relevant supplier in response to the complaint and advise: 


  • whether the complaint has been substantiated or not, dismissed, or unable to be determined, and provide reasons for that decision
  • the steps taken in the investigation and the evidence obtained
  • the actions that WGHG has taken or will take in response to the findings of the investigation
  • the options or process available to the relevant supplier to escalate the complaint to an external body such as Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV), the Victorian Ombudsman, or the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB).



The Chair
HPV Board
Health Purchasing Victoria
Level 34, 2 Lonsdale Street
The Chair
Victorian Government Purchasing Board
Department of Treasury and Finance
GPO Box 4379